Must-Dash Dance

Before I started on this quest to become a film composer, I had a different plan. I studied film production at university and after graduating I carried on with it, seeking work as a freelance camera operator/editor. I’ve cut back a lot now with my filming to concentrate on composing. However, one project which I was still involved with was this short dance film, which I shot at the beginning of the month.

I’ve always had an interest in filming dance as I think that the camera movement should compliment the dance. Although the camera is actually pretty static throughout this film, but I quite like it. It goes with the vintage style of the dance, location and costumes, as films from that era didn’t have a lot of camera movement in either.

Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed it.

Brand New Professional Website

So I’ve had my WordPress website for about a year now and it’s been good to me. But for a professional site it is just way too cluttered to understand. Your eyes don’t flow in any direction, they just arrive on the page and have to make their own way around. My new site is hopefully a lot more simple and guides the views eyes around the page.

  1. You arrive on the homepage and the first thing you see is a big video box called SHOWREEL 2011.
  2. You look up at the pictures above and then at the contact card beside, which reminds you of my business card I gave to you earlier.
  3. You click play on the video.
  4. You scroll down to the bottom where you see a picture of me and an “About Me” section.
  5. You read the “About Me” section and then see the link for “Click to view CV”.
  6. You click it!
  7. You see my CV, but also see the “Featured Video” but decide not to click it.
  8. You read the first paragraph of my CV.
  9. You read the second paragraph of my CV, “I have my own Canon 550D which I have had now for over a year and have shot a number of films using it, including Beautiful Illusion which you can view above.” …so you decide to click play on the “Featured Video”.
  10. You then read the third paragraph of my CV.
  11. You then look at the “Credits List” and like that you have the option to click and view any of the films.
I do however still enjoy blogging so have decided to keep this blog open, and change it from my professional blog to a personal one. And I will have an upcoming post on the Downton Abbey Soundtrack Rerelease.

Keeping Busy

Since leaving university I’ve been looking for work within the film industry. But looking for a job can be very time consuming. I always write a unique cover letter aimed at the company I’m applying to and always tailor my CV to them as well. Therefore when you’re applying for 5 jobs in one day it can be hard to find the will power to do them all there an then. But you know if you don’t do them straight away that someone else will get the job as a lot of them seem to be done on a first come first served basis and when you don’t hear anything back from anyone, not even a “sorry you were unsuccessful”, it can get a bit depressing. Especially since I’ve not made an actual video in ages. So last month I picked up my camera and decided to film some stuff for a friend, to re-ignite that passion I have for the film/video industry.

First up is a little documentary for my singer/songwriter friend Tom Law. It’s a nice little video blog type piece about him playing at the Relentless Boardmasters Music Festival. Unfortunately I’m too poor to buy a microphone at the moment so the sound in the video is a little poor in places, but it will be the first thing I buy once I have enough money to do so.

(Tom’s story about myself was untrue if you didn’t read the small print!)

Next up is an animation that I did again for Tom Law. This is the fist animation I’ve done since college, and that was just a 30 second piece, if that. This was a full music video. We’ve decided we’re going to do another animation in the future and improve on what we learnt whilst making this one.

…and Venice was lovely by the way!