Early To Bed…

In order to get where I want to go next year, I have to be very strict with my time. When I’m not working a full time job at my local cinema then I’m concentrating on my music. My daily tasks currently consist of practicing my accordion, learning the piano and learning lots of music theory. However, whilst at the beginning of the year, ¬†this work load was quite light, it’s now getting pretty heavy to squeeze it all in.

I’ve therefore recently decided to be stricter with my sleep cycle. I did some research into sleeping and really liked the idea of polyphasic sleep where you only sleep for 2 hours a day by either having 30 minute naps every 6 hours, or 20 minute naps every 4 hours. Unfortunately, my job doesn’t really allow me to adopt this unusual sleep cycle, but my current sleep cycle definitely has room for improvement.

Normally I go to bed around 2am and sleep for around 8-10 hours. I do enjoy my sleep. However, some of that time could easily be spent awake with no adverse effects. In fact I find that at the moment if I sleep for too long then it becomes harder to get to sleep that night, and I can’t tend to do a lot of work after 1am so just end up watching TV for a few hours and then sleeping in even later the next morning. What an enormous waste of time!


So I’ve now set my alarm for 8am every morning. EVERY morning! And have limited myself to a maximum of 1 hour of TV a day. This doesn’t mean that I have to watch TV every day, some days I might not watch any at all, but if I do then I have to turn it off after an hour.

I always feel more productive in the mornings and so I’m confident this change will have a positive effect. As for the late nights, the early starts should mean I want to go to sleep earlier and therefore won’t be left awake long after everyone has gone to bed. And the time spent watching TV at night, could easily be spent in the morning practicing my accordion, learning the piano or developing my compositional skills and knowledge. It’s time to knuckle down!

Downton Abbey (Soundtrack)

Check out my soundtrack for the short film Friend Request and download your free copy –¬†Friend Request (Original Short Film Soundtrack)

If you’ve watched the series then you’ll know that the soundtrack is amazing, and if you’ve not then you should because the series is amazing as well. It’s was one of the most viewed period dramas there is and has been commissioned for a second series later this year, so if you’ve not seen it then check it out.

Now soundtrack releases are a really common thing when it comes to feature films, they practically all have them, but television is another thing. There are a few composers that have done very well in TV when it comes to soundtrack releases with american composer Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, A Town Called Eureka, Human Target, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) having practically all of his music released via LaLaLand Records, who seem to want to release everything he has written. Which is great because he really is a talented composer and he’s one of my favourites which is why I’ve got all 15 of his releases, and a few additional tracks as well. Didn’t know he’d done so much actually! There are a few others like Michael Giacchino but he’s an established feature film composer as well thanks to J.J. Abrams and Pixar so it’s not quite as impressive.

Daniel Pemberton (Upstairs Downstairs, Desperate Romantics, Heroes And Villains, Prehistoric Park, Monster Moves) is about the only other TV composer who has done so well. Which is more unusual in his case because he is a british composer and british TV shows don’t often get soundtrack releases. It is becoming a bit more common now with the likes of iTunes, as some soundtracks are getting digital releases which is obviously much more cost efficient when we are talking about a genre of music that isn’t quite as popular as perhaps people like me hope it would be, as then there would be even more soundtrack releases. But thankfully they are still getting releases.

So back to Downton Abbey. The music is composed by John Lunn, who’s only other previous soundtrack release was Hotel Babylon which was co-composed by Jim Williams. I’m not sure why this soundtrack has got a release, but I’m so very thankful that it has because it is some of the best and most beautiful music I’ve heard. Every time I watched the show I got goosebumps from listening to the main title and end title music. Now I can listen to the whole score, and it is all just as exciting.

The melody’s are so elegant and beautiful with the slow and fast moving strings swooping around and the fast piano movements underneath. The main theme from the main title is brought back in about four different tracks but all are different versions and I could listen to that theme again and again anyway with just how beautiful it is. But the soundtrack also has it’s darker moments, and yet some how the melody’s remain beautiful although still with that darker feel.

I now hope that John Lunn’s music to Little Dorrit that was on the BBC in 2008 gets a soundtrack release, because the music from that was just as beautiful and is what made me realise what a talented composer he is. He’s definitely on my dream list of composers I want to write music for my films.