It’s Time You Learnt The Guitar

I was at a house party last month where a circle formed and my friend brought out his guitar. He played us a few songs and did some showing off and we all loved it. Then we started passing the guitar around the circle. The girl next to him wasn’t quite as good in her playing skill, but she played us a song which still sounded beautiful. Then the next person had a go and they played a nice cover song they’d been practicing. Then it was my turn…

I can’t play the guitar. Trumpet? Yes. Accordion? Yes. Piano? …I’m getting there! Guitar? No! Nevertheless I didn’t want to break the circle so did my best and tried to bosh together something in the way of a melody by sliding my finger up one of the strings and pausing where it sounded nice. It sounded rubbish, so I passed it to the next person who sung another great cover.

The guitar seems to be one of those instruments that everyone can play. Obviously some people are amazing at guitar, but all you need to sing a simple song is to know a few chords and be able to strum along.

Coursera is hosting a new course from Berklee College Of Music called Introduction To Guitar, therefore I’m going to follow the course and learn the basics over the duration of the 6 weeks of the course.

I’ve managed to borrow my sisters guitar, which is pretty small but will do for now, therefore if you’ve ever wanted to learn guitar then I urge you to borrow one from a friend and learn with me and the next time someone passes you a guitar you can at least play a simple chord loop before passing it on.

Introduction To Guitar –