What Lies Ahead (2015)

Last year was all about learning and developing my skills at writing music. I could explore, experiment and write whatever I wanted. This year, I need to hone my writing to serve a purpose and help tell a story.

My first project will be to write the score for a play. It is a local production of “The Arrest Of Ai Weiwei” written by Howard Brenton. As well as the music, I will also be creating the sound design. The production is┬áset to be performed in April, but rehearsals start this week, so I’ll be starting as well and giving myself plenty of time to get it right.

Most of the music I’ve showcased on my SoundCloud so far, has been performed by my notation software. Being able to play back my music in this way has been invaluable, but it’s far from an end result. I’ve just started a course which teaches orchestration and the final steps of the course require you to produce a MIDI mock up, and if possible, get a live recording. Therefore, my primary goals for this year are listed below.

  • Hear my music played by live musicians
  • Learn about orchestration
  • Begin scoring short films