Me, B&W

I am originally from Cornwall, UK and was born on 1st January 1990. At the age of 5 I started playing the trumpet. I then shortly moved to the cornet and later the flugelhorn, which I played with a brass band until the age of 18. At the age of 23 I bought myself an accordion and began teaching myself to play by ear, a skill I had previously never learnt. This lead me onto the thought that I could compose music. I’d fallen in love with film music at the age of 13 and dreamed of becoming a film composer myself, but seeing as I couldn’t write music, I dismissed this thought and went down a different path towards filmmaking. However, at 23 I discovered that I could write music and so decided to pursue my previous dream of becoming a composer. I then began the process of teaching myself the art of music composition. Not an easy task, but a thoroughly enjoyable one.

My first year of self study (2014) was spent teaching myself the piano, music theory and obviously composition. My second year (2015) was spent further developing these skills as well as my music production skills, and using them to write an actual score film. I worked on two short films and an independent feature film called Sasquatch.

Since then I have worked on a number of short films, written a 20 minute suite of music for a choreographed dance, recorded a score for piano and harp at the SAE Institute in London, all the while continuing to hone my skills and stretch my ability with each piece of music that I write.