Becoming an 80s Synthpop Artist

As a film composer, an essential skill is being able to write music in different styles. From orchestral music, to electronic, experimental, jazz, bluegrass, and sometimes… 80s synthpop.

I was asked by the filmmakers of this particular short film, to write an 80s synthpop song. Now I had to do a bit of homework for this one, as 80s synthpop isn’t a genre I normally listen to. Therefore, once I’d familiarised myself with some of the conventions of the genre, and done some extensive research, I got to work on a demo.

Since I personally don’t write lyrics, the demo I created was an instrumental track. But it was always my intention for the song to have lyrics, which is why I purposely left space within the track for them. Then, I brought in my good friend Seb Guettier to pen the lyrics, and perform the vocals.

Seb wrote and recorded the lyrics over the top of the instrumental track I gave him, and I then dismantled the whole track and begun to rearrange it, creating a much more cohesive song. I hope you enjoy it.

Music composed by Aaron Buckley
Lyrics by Seb Guettier

Synth programming by Aaron Buckley
Vocals by Seb Guettier
Bass by Jan Phillips

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