Back on 24th January 2016 I attended the world premiere of the movie Sasquatch. The first feature film with music by… me! Well things have moved forward with the film since then and tickets are now on sale for the LONDON PREMIERE.

Sasquatch London Premiere

I started working on the film back in March 2015. But I had only begun teaching myself music composition 14 months before this. And up until then, I had yet to score an actual film. So you can imagine that there was a pretty steep learning curve that came with the project. But it was an immensely valuable experience for me.

Whilst the film only contains about 30-40 minutes of my music it took me about 9 months to go from writing the very first cue for the film, to the very last. And there were several rewrites along the way. Now 9 months is a long time to work on a film like this, but seeing as my compositional skills were still very much in their infancy, and not to mention trying to wrap my head around where to begin with a 90 minute film, I’m grateful that I had this much time to work on it.

The last cue that I wrote for the film, which also happens to appear at the end, is my favourite of all the pieces that I wrote for the project.

However, I feel as though my musical abilities and understanding of the onscreen relationship between film and music, has developed much more since finishing the film. Over the past 4 months I’ve written the music for a number a projects, all with particularly tight and overlapping deadlines. This has forced me to write quickly, is an essential skill for any film composer. I now find myself able to write around 2 or 3 minutes of music a day, which is really good, considering this is said to be what professional film composers average.

If you’re in London on Saturday 16th July 2016 and are interested in going to the premiere, then you can purchase tickets here:

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