My first score to film…

I recently finished my first score to an actual film. Although oddly enough, the film hasn’t been shot yet!

A close friend of mine is a singer-songwriter on YouTube, and was approached by one of his fans to see if he could do an instrumental piece for her film. However, he very kindly passed the project on to me. The track would be for an AS level film project where she had to film and edit the opening sequence to a thriller movie.

“Thriller, chilling, mysterious, starting out slow and building throughout.” These were the words I had to go on, since there was then no script. However, this didn’t stop me from making a start. I recorded a few ideas quickly before bed, and got cracking on it as soon as I could. Sitting at the piano I cast my mind back to some thriller films I had seen, and for some reason The International sprung up. I kept the opening scene from this in my mind and also threw in the words I was given. At times I found myself musically wondering off towards different moods, and so had to keep reminding myself that I was writing for a thriller.

It took me about a day to write and produce the finished track. And here it is:

2 thoughts on “My first score to film…

  1. i really like this piece. And I’d say it meets all of the criteria you were given. However, I can think of other things it could work for as well. Very nice. Congratulations on your first venture. May you have many more.

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