How To Force Creativity – In The Moment You Need It

This is spot on!

Nova Spire

It’s become a cliche of artists to not force creativity. I strongly believe you can force creativity.

Countless times, when working on some kind of endeavor I find myself looking at the clock in the end wondering how I finished and interesting piece of work.

I think you can force creativity, most definitely. But like anything it is a muscle that needs tweaking. So to develop the creative muscle, I share some ideas that I think most promote instantaneous jack-knife creativity.

Make it a habit

Make what you do a habit. It can’t be stressed enough. Do it more than work. Close out any content or people that does not ameliorate you in the creative game you are playing. Whatever that may be.

You want to make your practice a habit, potentially scheduling your work.

One method is to simply mark down the days you wish to accomplish working on…

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