The Big Picture

Lately I’ve been losing focus, feeling overwhelmed and ultimately lost. I keep looking at my music plan which I mapped out and it’s not really helping. I keep discovering more things which I feel I need to learn and seem to be struggling with finding the time and motivation to do any of them. It’s as though the further I climb up the mountain, the bigger it gets!

So I’ve spent the past couple of weeks trying to find my motivation and a way up this ridiculous hill! Every day I’ve been writing down a new music plan or a new daily routine that I can adopt to make things easier. And I feel I’ve finally managed to work out the next stage of my journey through a simple change in perspective.

Instead of breaking things down into tiny steps and then working out what order these 10 000 steps go in, I’ve done the opposite. I’ve zoomed out and turned down the resolution, leaving me with only 10 steps.

Learning the piano isn’t one of these steps. I’ve spent the past 7 months working pretty intensely on my piano skills, and they’re now at a stage where I feel comfortable with my level of playing. I recently learnt to play this:

I’m still actually only half way through the piano course I’ve been taking, but am going to continue with it at a slower pace. Composing must take priority!

Therefore my new plan is as follows:
– Work through the Music Composition for Dummies book (Step 1)
– Learn about Counterpoint using a series of books I’ve found on the iBook Store (Steps 2, 4 and 7)
– Work through Alexander Publishing’s Writing for Strings course (Step 3)
– Learn about Synthesis via the tutorials available on MacProVideo (Step 5)
– Work through Alexander Publishing’s Professional Orchestration I & II course (Steps 6 and 8)
– Work through Alexander Publishing’s Visual Orchestration I course (Step 9)
– Work through the Music to Picture iBook (Step 10)

Now that I’ve written the steps down I can bring my focus in on just what is necessary, allowing me to ignore all the other steps, hopefully preventing me from feeling overwhelmed again. And with this new plan of action in place I don’t feel lost any more. I’m back on track!

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