Keeping Up With Technology

I recently spotted an advert online seeking a composer for a short film. The job was unpaid but you needed to submit some of your work, as well as list your experiences. Well most of my work is still in progress and my experience is lacking, therefore I decided to write a score for the teaser trailer that was included with the advert. I’d give myself one weekend to complete the project. If the piece ended up being good then I could submit it with my application, and if I got the job then brilliant, but if not then it would still be good practice. After all, I didn’t feel 100% ready to write to picture, so it was more of a test if I could actually do it.

I imported the video into Logic Pro X and begun exploring some of the different electronic instruments in Logic that I could use in my score. I don’t have the equipment to record live instruments or the money to buy amazing orchestral samples, so Logic’s electronic instruments seemed like a good way to go. However, problem one: the video wouldn’t play back smoothly. A pain in the ass, but… I guess I’d just have to work with it. It wasn’t long before I was stopped in my tracks again. This time Logic simply stopped working. Why? Because my MacBook Pro was sizzlingly hot! The spinning wheel of death came on screen so I couldn’t do anything. Normally the problem is solved by waiting… So I waited… In fact I even went and washed the dishes! I came back and there was no change. So it would seem my 2010 MacBook Pro isn’t cut out for scoring movies! I thought it would be me that wasn’t ready to score to picture, but it turned out it’s my computer that isn’t ready!


Unfortunate I can’t afford a new Mac at the moment, but I’ve still got plenty I can get on with in terms of writing and learning. Nevertheless, I’m going to have to solve this problem eventually, as I won’t make any progress as a film composer if I can’t even score a one minute video!

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