My First Live Gig!

Just last week I had my first live gig with the band Calamity Poets. I’d only joined the band about three weeks ago and had to learn thirteen songs, including this one, which features me soloing at the beginning.

If you’re trying to spot me there’s no need, it’s too dark to actually see me in the video, but at least you can hear me quite clearly. I’d worked out what I wanted to play for the beginning of the solo at home, but the second half is a bit more make it up… I need to work out properly what I want to play here before the next gig.

The experience was great. It was a lot of fun and whilst I did make a few mistakes, I’m pretty pleased with how I did overall. I was quite nervous throughout most of the day and found it difficult to do any composing, so just ended up practicing my piano a lot. Oddly enough though, when I got to the venue I felt quite relaxed, I think it was because after we did our sound check I realised that I was more prepared than I originally thought I was. I was nervous that I would forget the chords to the songs, so as a safety measure I wrote them down and stuck them to the top of my accordion. Learning thirteen songs in such a short space of time meant that in my head all the songs kind of blurred into one.

My next gig is on Sunday, when I’m actually playing in both bands. Once in the afternoon with my other band where we’re going to be playing at an open mic and performing the song which I wrote, and then again in the evening with Calamity Poets. I’m sure I’ll be nervous about the afternoon performance though as my song features me soloing on the accordion a lot more than the Calamity Poets song Smile (above). Although saying that, I still can’t wait to perform it!

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