Day 239 – Cringe-Worthy Early Work

The 365 Poetry Project

The last thing anybody wants
is to be reminded of their
cringe-worthy early work.

Actually, the last thing
would probably be to hear
that somebody LIKES their
cringe-worthy early work.

Come to think of it, the last thing
would be to somehow be recognized,
to be made a fuss over for their
cringe-worthy early work.

On second thought, it would probably be
to actually have to go back into it,
re-read or edit or make a comment about their
cringe-worthy early work.

But I’m certain of this:
the absolute worst thing
you could make somebody do
is to defend themselves and their
cringe-worthy early work,
to have to pretend it was ever
more than what it was,
that it was ever anything more than
cringe-worthy early work.

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