A Lesson In Jazz Improv

If you are at all interested in Jazz Improv the you definitely need to take this course.

This is the course which I have probably learnt the least from, but that is just because the level of my accordion playing isn’t yet at the recommended level to take part in the course. Nevertheless it was not time wasted by any means. I did learn about some of the basics of Jazz Improvising and what potential it has to create amazing music. It also introduced me to the different modes and listed them from brightest sounding to darkest sounding, so this is something that I can play around with when composing on the piano. It’s also taught me the importance of learning scales.

If you’re really good on your instrument and have even the slightest interest in Jazz Improv then I would definitely recommend this course. The videos lessons don’t take up much time and are packed full of useful information. This is one course which I might consider taking again in the future when I’m a bit more versed on my instrument.

The next session starts on 28th April 2014, so go ahead and sign up. It’s free!
Jazz Improv – https://www.coursera.org/course/improvisation

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