Developing Your Musicianship

A lot of my compositional ideas start out with me exploring different melodies, rhythms and harmonies on my accordion or piano. I always try and improvise for a little bit every time I practice as it allows me to basically compose whilst I play and hear things in real time which I like and might want to focus in on or expand upon. Often when I go from the accordion to writing down my ideas, I end up writing beyond my playing skill, so it becomes difficult to hear a nice finished piece as a real person would play it and instead I have to settle for the computer playing it back with it’s rubbishy sounds.

But as I improve I should be able to play these back as well as be able to play more complex things, which will enable me to hear new melodies, rhythms and harmonies and repeat the process. I’ve even gone back to some of my accordion pieces and started to elaborate on the rhythms of the melody, now that the coordination between both my hands is getting a lot better. But anyway, I’ve noticed a direct correlation between my playing improvements and my compositional improvements which is a great encourager to practice lots.

The next online course I want to take is Developing Your Musicianship and is similar to the Jazz Improvisation course, which I previously did, in that it is designed to help you as a musician and not a composer. However, for me the two are quite intertwined, so whatever I learn here I’m sure will translate over at some point to my composing.

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