My First Piece

So I’ve finally finished the Write Like Mozart: An Introduction To Classical Music Composition course and have learnt a lot over the 6 weeks. At the end of each week I had to complete part of a composition. Each one had some big restrictions as I was already give the chord sequence and the melody or bass line, however, the assignment for the final week was actually a proper composition as I had no starting point, just a few things that needed to be included. Here is the brief:

Compose a work in rounded binary form.

• The work can be in 3/4, 4/4, or 6/8 time.

• It should last between 20-30 bars.

• It should be scored for piano with a solo instrument, which can be concert flute, C trumpet, oboe, or violin.

• The following must be included:

1. One deceptive cadence, half cadence, and perfect authentic cadence;

2. At least two different texture types – homorhythmic homophony, melody and accompaniment, polyphony, or monophony;

3. One sequential progression;

4. One basic progression that has been elaborated with diatonic substitution, chromatic substitution, and/or secondary dominants/leading tone chords.

I must admit though that I failed at the second point, as my piece is 36 bars. I thought about cutting it down by removing some sections but then it would be missing the other requirements. The first 8 bars contains a half cadence and uses polyphony, the second 8 have a secondary dominant, the next section has a sequential progression and uses a different texture type, and then we’re back to the A section which we had at the beginning but which ends with a deceptive cadence, leading onto a perfect authentic cadence. Therefore, I decided I was happy with it being too long, since this is what I’d call my first proper composition where I actually understood what I was doing. Plus I managed to put into practice a lot of what I’d learnt, which was why I wrote the composition in the first place.

I felt like a proper composer writing this piece as I was sat in front of my desk with my accordion strapped to my chest, a notepad in front of me for working out chords and chord sequences and my iPad which I was using to notate the score.

So here’s the piece that I wrote for piano and violin. The sounds used are the synths from the score writing software I was using, so you have to use your imagination a bit to make it not sound like a robot is playing it! But I’m thinking about adapting it for accordion at some point, when my playing skill is good enough to do those scale runs, and then I might upload a recording.

Classical Composition 1 (Part 1)


Classical Composition 1 (Part 2)

Classical Composition 1 (Part 3)

Let me know what you think as I’d appreciate any thoughts/feedback.

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