Write Like Mozart (Week 4)

So this was the first week where I feel I actually did some real composition. There was still a lot of arranging involved as we were already given the chord sequence and some of the rhythms, but the teacher had left gaps in the melody to be filled in, therefore my solution was very different to his, but I feel it still fits the brief.

Mozart W4 A

Cadences were the main focus of this weeks assignment. You’ll notice I’ve annotated my score with some text. Where it says HC, DC and PAC are the cadences. HC stands for Half Cadence which means that when that phrase is played by itself, it leaves the listener with a sense that the piece is not finished. PAC stands for Perfect Authentic Cadence and leaves the listener with a sense of conclusion. And finally DC is Deceptive Cadence, as it sounds like it is leading into a Perfect Authentic Cadence and so the listener feels the sense of conclusion is coming, but then the final chord for that cadence is different and instills an inconclusive feel to the phrase.

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