Step One: Learning The Piano

I was very lucky to get a full sized keyboard for Christmas, but haven’t really been able to use it properly yet as I can’t actually play the piano. I can push individual keys or play some chords, but I wouldn’t call that playing. Thankfully my parents had stored away a bunch of books from which you can teach yourself.
Play It Today Piano Books
There are 40 books in the series and they each have an accompanying audio cassette. That’s right cassette, they’re that old! Now I don’t know about you but I got rid of my cassette player quite awhile ago, so I’ve had to order a new one. I remember working myself through the books when I was about 15 and I managed to get to book 7. At the time I found the method of teaching really good, and whilst the technology might be out of date now, the teaching information is definitely not, which is why I thought I’d blow the dust off of them. My aim is to work through at least one book a week, so we’ll see how that goes. In 9 months I could be playing this:

…or I could still be stuck on Jingle Bells! Aim high though right šŸ˜‰

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