Keeping Busy

Since leaving university I’ve been looking for work within the film industry. But looking for a job can be very time consuming. I always write a unique cover letter aimed at the company I’m applying to and always tailor my CV to them as well. Therefore when you’re applying for 5 jobs in one day it can be hard to find the will power to do them all there an then. But you know if you don’t do them straight away that someone else will get the job as a lot of them seem to be done on a first come first served basis and when you don’t hear anything back from anyone, not even a “sorry you were unsuccessful”, it can get a bit depressing. Especially since I’ve not made an actual video in ages. So last month I picked up my camera and decided to film some stuff for a friend, to re-ignite that passion I have for the film/video industry.

First up is a little documentary for my singer/songwriter friend Tom Law. It’s a nice little video blog type piece about him playing at the Relentless Boardmasters Music Festival.¬†Unfortunately I’m too poor to buy a microphone at the moment so the sound in the video is a little poor in places, but it will be the first thing I buy once I have enough money to do so.

(Tom’s story about myself was untrue if you didn’t read the small print!)

Next up is an animation that I did again for Tom Law. This is the fist animation I’ve done since college, and that was just a 30 second piece, if that. This was a full music video. We’ve decided we’re going to do another animation in the future and improve on what we learnt whilst making this one.

…and Venice was lovely by the way!

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