The Ferryman at Cinematique! Student Film Festival

About a month and a half ago myself and co-director J.A. Taylor finished work on our first narrative dance film, The Ferryman. Monday night it was screened at the Cinematique! Student Film Festival at the BFI IMAX in London. We were among 24 other short films to get screened at the festival which was held in the foyer of the BFI IMAX.

Around 8pm the films started and were projected onto the western wall, so I sat down to watch them. After half an hour the first short little break came which allowed for some mingling and networking. Now being there on my own was a bit terrifying… ok a lot terrifying as everyone else was with at least one other person (flashbacks of college!), but after a couple of drinks to calm my nerves I plucked up enough courage to go and talk to some people. Everyone was really friendly and I met some great people, some of which I managed to swap a few contact details with. Luckily I was approached a few times as well which helped with the scariness of being there on my own, including a couple of people that approached me after The Ferryman was shown, to ask me a few questions about it, which was nice as well. And the friendly atmosphere continued over on Twitter even after the festival had finished, with @scrnddct saying “Had to leave #cinematiqueUK after friend’s film, but just watched yours online – Lovely stuff!” Was really nice to hear that as our film was shown towards the end of the night when a lot of people had already left.

So if you happened to miss it as well then here it is again.

It was a great honor to have our film shown at the BFI IMAX in London. The place where I saw James Cameron’s Avatar in 3D which I still almost 2 years later cry with happy tears when ever I talk about it! But it was also great to think that my favourite director, and whom I draw most of my inspiration from when it comes to camera work, Michael Bay had his new film Transformers: Dark Of The Moon showing in 3D in the room next door. Give it 20 years or so and hopefully it will be my own film showing in the room next door whilst a new set of students are watching their films in the foyer.

So to finish off I thought I’d share with you some of my favourites of the evening. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


Directed by Toby Dale (@Directortoby)


Directed by Katie Hogan (@HoganShogan)

You can view clips from Space Detective in Katie’s showreel.


Produced by Isadora Rivera (@izthewizkid)

Couldn’t find a link to this one, but here’s the IMDb page.

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