Creating A Music Video

Bit of a late post this month but I’ve had a lot going on. We’ve finished shooting on The Ferryman and are now heavily into the post-production phase. We should hopefully finish grading this week and have the soundtrack done by the end of next week. I’ve also been working on a couple of music videos.

I went to visit my friend Tom Law in Bath for a couple of days last month where we teamed up and combined out passions, my love for filming, and Tom’s love for music. Tom’s a singer/song writer who’s currently recording his first EP as well as gigging lots in London and Bath, and has asked me a few times to help him shoot a music video. But as we’ve been in different parts of the country it’s been hard getting together, so me visiting him in Bath was the perfect time and place to make some.

Tom was very specific as to what he wanted. A single take where the camera simply floats around and that just looks awesome. In one word… simple. And to give the videos more of a natural feel he wanted me to record the music videos with live audio instead of lip syncing them. So we went to a couple of locations and set about shooting our videos guerilla style.

This one happened to be the first take. The second take I tried with a longer lens and we agreed that the wider lens used for the first take looked better. And then before we could do any more we got shouted out to move on by some grumpy woman as we were playing opposite her house. Guess she wasn’t a fan!

The second video we shot at Bath train station at 2am. We managed to get into the station as there were builders at work on the opposite platform. It took us about 45 minutes to shoot the video as we had to shoot when the builders weren’t making noise, which meant we were waiting around a lot of the time. But eventually they left and locked the gate behind them. So once we finished we found out that we were actually stuck inside the train station and ended up having to climb over the spiky fence. Tom being very tall found this no problem. Myself being much smaller managed to get stuck halfway, something Tom managed to get a great little photo of (you can view it on his blog here). But I think the end result was worth it as we’re both really happy with the video.

I shot both the videos on my Canon 550D. What gives the movement its smoothness though is my steadicam. Steadicams are extremely expensive but I managed to get mine for ¬£10 because its not a proper steadicam. All it is, is my monopod with my small camera bag, filled with stuff to make it heavier, hanging from the bottom of it. I’ll post a little video of what it looks like sometime soon. As for editing all it needed was the beginning and end trimming, grading and then just adding the titles.

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