The Last Sound

As well as working on Subject 27 before Christmas, I also was the sound man on the short film Blind. However, it was very different working on this film to Subject 27 as I didn’t do any post-production sound and was simply the boom operator on set. It was a fun shoot though and the came out really nice in the end which we’re all pleased with.

Let us know what you thought in the comments below, or by leaving a comment on Vimeo.

You can read the script for the film here: Blind (Script)

As there wasn’t much for me to do on set whilst the shots were being set up, I took lots of photos and shot a few timelapse videos of the behind the scenes on the film. The timeplase video only shows you us working on three shots in the film, the first of which didn’t actually make it into the cut, but it is still quite interesting to watch.

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This is the last student film I will have done sound on as I am directing the next film with Jessica Taylor, which we are currently in pre-production on. It’s called The Ferryman and is a dance film about the day a human fell in love with death. Shooting should hopefully take place later this month, and the film is due for completion on 24th May 2011.

There is still the feature 39 Years that I need to do the sound for, which I’ll be working on over the easter break, but otherwise I’m happy I no longer have to settle for being the sound man and can finally do what I want to do and direct dance films.

Since I’ve now taken down the John Gimbie talk on freelancing as a sound man, which I posted last month, from my SoundCloud account to make space for other things, I’ve uploaded the file here instead, so you should still be able to download it for the next few months. That concludes the little lecture series.

And if you’ve got a spare minute have a listen to this and/or download it. It’s a song by my friend Tom Law who you can also follow on twitter: @tomlawmusic

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