I never got to watch this in the cinema unfortunately as I didn’t really know anyone else that was interested in seeing it and I’m not really one to go to the cinema on my own. Although perhaps it’s something I should do when there’s a film I want to see that no one else does, as I find I don’t really buy a lot of DVDs so tend to go to the cinema as much as I can instead. When I saw that this film was available to rent on iTunes for 99p then I just had to do it, and I’m glad I did. Since I rented it from iTunes though I only watched the 2D version, but I don’t think 3D would have really helped the movie that much, unlike films like Avatar where the 3D takes the film to a whole other level. But then I could be wrong since I haven’t seen StreetDance in 3D.

Whilst it’s not a great film in terms of story and acting I did still enjoy it. I’d heard some pretty bad reviews of this film from some friends so was quite worried about watching it, but the opening credits came up and I was like this film isn’t that bad, the opening credits are quite good. It was shot well, had great sound, and the actors seemed fine. That was until they opened their mouths! Being British you’d think I would like to watch a film where the actors have British accents, but for some reason I just found it so bad. Now bad acting doesn’t usually bother me that much, but because they were British accents I knew for a fact that they were bad actors. And the story was another thing that was awful.

But after about 15 minutes I found myself getting used to the bad acting and it didn’t really bother me that much, I just wanted to watch the film for the dance sequences anyway. Although as the film went on I found that the story just got better and better. Yes it was still cheesy, but it was good cheesy. Mixing streetdance with ballet I found really sucked me in as well, because I love it when you get two opposites and crash them together. Mixing dance and music genres together has created some of my favourite pieces.

When this film was promoted though it was plugged as featuring Diveristy, Flawless and George Sampson from Britain’s Got Talent. However, this seemed more like a promotional plug for both them and the film. Diversity perform once in the film and it isn’t shot that great. Flawless do about three performances all of which are very good and are the best of the lot. And George Sampson does one dance performance at the end which is pretty cool. But most of the dancing is done by the dance crew which the film is about, and they are pretty good. I enjoyed all the dance sequences apart from Diversity’s due to it being filmed poorly, and I also enjoyed the fact that there are actually lots of dance sequences.

If you’re into street dance or ballet then I’d say check this film out. But I wouldn’t go as for as to say that you should buy the DVD and watch it again and again, because I’m not sure I’d watch it again. It was enjoyable, but definitely more of a one time thing.

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