Tron Legacy

It’s been a while since I’ve done a film review after closing my other blog, but Tron Legacy was one I just had to do. First of all you don’t have to see the first Tron film to get this one, and if you have seen the first Tron film then this film is a hell of a lot less confusing. I have no idea how to explain the story of Tron, but Tron Legacy I could have crack at. But I’m not going to, if you want a glimpse at the story then watch the trailer. All I’m going to say is that the story was really good, so don’t worry about it.

The acting in this film is top notch and has many famous stars in it which all pull off an amazing performance. But perhaps the best performance is from the character Clu.

This is what Jeff Bridges who plays the character of Kevin Flynn looked like 20 years ago. Now the character of Clu is a copy of Kevin Flynn, and whilst Kevin Flynn ages and so is actually played by the much older Jeff Bridges, Clu does not age and so stays forever the same age. Therefore we have an old Jeff Bridges and a young Jeff Bridges in the same film and in once scene acting opposite each other. This was very cleverly done, as Jeff Bridges did all the facial acting and voice acting for Clu, and then his facial movements were tracked onto a digital reconstruction of his younger face reconstructed from looking at lots of old photos and films starring Bridges. But Clu’s body is played by another actor, with Bridges face then tracked onto the body actors, who I imagine was wearing a green or blue mask which would work in the same way as a green/blue screen. Not knowing he was digital I would not have noticed as he really does look very real. But there are a few shots were he does look a little fake, but this is made up for in the other shots where he looks 100% real.

Unusually this 3D film is not all in 3D, but strangely enough I actually think it made the film better. When we are in the real world it is all in 2D, but when we enter the programme world (what you might mistakingly call the world of Tron) we enter an incredible 3D world. The majority of the film is in the programme world so is mostly in 3D, but I found that the transition from 2D to 3D made the programme world that much more real, stunning and captivating when we got there.

When we first arrive in the programme world Sam is picked up by a Recognizer and I literally felt as though it was landing right in front of me as the bass in the cinema was almost blowing my clothes off! It was sound like I’ve never experienced it, and in addition with the 3D really made me feel like I was there.

And then we have the lightcycle game. The level design for this is so complex that it will blow your mind. I understood how they designed the game in the original film as it is essentially a 2D game when viewed from above as it only takes place on one level.

However, with the lightcycle scenes in Tron Legacy the game takes place on multiple levels that it is just in-comprehendible how the designers choreographed it all. For a glimpse at the complexity here is the original VFX concept test. And don’t worry it contains no spoilers as it is a test film, and so is not in the final film.

Now if you think that is cool then the real thing will blow your mind as there are a total of 10 lightcycles playing the game in Tron Legacy at the same time. Now that’s a lot of stuff to think about. And Tron Legacy doesn’t just stop there with the surprises as there is an even more complex chase later in the film with lightjets.

The music in this film is another thing that is just amazing. The music in Tron never really appealed to me, but the music in Tron Legacy, composed by Daft Punk, really does become part of the film with them actually appearing in one of the scenes in the film as DJs in the End Of The Line Club.

The soundtrack is available now on iTunes, Amazon etc. and even if you’ve not seen the movie then check out the soundtrack because it is awesome.

All in all the film is just amazing. And I aspire to make a film like this one day. However, with my dance obsession my dream would be to make a dance film like Tron Legacy, because why do dance films all ways have to be things like Step Up and StreetDance, why can’t they be more ground breaking when it comes to feature dance films, short dance films do it all the time. Dance films can be more than what they’ve become. In many ways Tron Legacy has dance elements in it. The scene where Sam gets his identity disc felt to me like a very weird dance and the fight scenes are so elegant and choreographed so well that they could be part of any film of mine and I would call them a dance.

So I guess my perfect film would be a dance version of Tron Legacy. However, since it doesn’t exist here is the next best thing in terms of dance.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year 🙂

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