New Website!

(featured home page picture from Blind production photos)

Obviously the biggest news this month is my new website which I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks.

Otherwise I’ve been very busy with shooting on Blind and Subject 27 which are the two 10 minute films I’ve been doing sound on. I’ve been taking lots of photos on Blind and been videoing some of the scenes we shot, so once it’s complete will have a few “special features” to upload.

As for the salsa project, we have a shooting date of the 9th December, so that is moving along at a nice pace. Don’t know if we are ready for it yet, as we need to light a white infinity wall. However, think we are doing some more tests next week before the shoot, plus we’ll have a couple of hours to set up before on the day of shooting, so hopefully it should go okay. Here’s some test footage:

Time for an update on a project I set up a while ago, my dance film I set up over the summer which I have called Intro. Plan A was to shoot it over Christmas, however we have had to postpone it for now, and so it will probably be pushed back to easter or early summer.

In other news, following on from last month here is my full Lord Of The Rings Dubstep track from last months viral advert.

I plan on mixing some more Lord Of The Rings and electronic music together and making a little compilation mix out of them.

Since I’ve also taken down the Rebecca O’Brien Q&A (which I posted last month) from my SoundCloud account, to make space for other things, I’ve uploaded the file here instead, so you should still be able to download it for the next few months.

Here is the next one in the series though:

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