Destined To Be The Sound Man

With the two, “two minute” films we had to make complete we have now started work on the first of our two final year films.

But to start with here is the film that me and my friend Jess made for the second of the “two minute” film projects (really only a 30-60 second project) which was a viral advert for the WOWeeOne.

Click Here To View HD Version

For this mini film I mixed some Lord Of The Rings music with some dubstep, and since I found it quite fun I decided to finish the track off, which I shall upload soon.

Here is what the client said of our viral advert:

I loved the visual impact and the choice of music – really stylish and haunting. The technique for showing the sound wave through the screen was great and sums up what the product is all about. This was a really strong contender for the best viral because it was one I watched over and over – almost mesmeric!

If we had won then we would have got a free WOWee each. But it was still good to get great feedback and know we came very close.

Moving onto the 10 minute film projects now. Myself and Jess pitched our idea for the script we had been working on. However, unfortunately it did not get chosen as one of the seven films to get made. Sadly this means that I have ended up doing sound again. However, I’ve decided to keep busy and do the sound on two different projects. Along side this I will also have the sound on the feature project to do, so as it seems I will end up being a sound man at least I should have a thoroughly built up portfolio.

But not all hope is lost, as myself and Jess are also working on a Salsa Tutorial video for a client after we were approached. Whilst it’s not paid we do get free Salsa lessons! So as I want to go into dance filmmaking it will be very handy actually knowing how to dance a little bit!

That’s all for this month, but I do have an extra goody. We had a Q and A with producer Rebecca O’Brien (Sweet Sixteen, Looking For Eric) as part of our course and I happened to record the session on my iPhone so decided to upload it for anyone that wants to listen. You can also download it as well.

Rebecca O’Brien Q and A

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