Final Year

I’m back at university now for my final year. We’ve already made one short 2 minute film and we’ve got another one to do next week, after which we’ll be pitching our ideas for the first of the two 12 minute films we will be making this/next year.

I will be pitching a script with my friend Jess, which we wrote together through the summer and completed our 2nd draft of this week. It still needs some work as it needs cutting down, but the idea is solid, and that is what we are pitching.

I’ve also been working on this feature film I’ve previously spoken about. Whilst I’ve not started any post production work on it yet, we have completely finished shooting.

We shot it on my Canon 550D and we are aiming to finish it by February/March 2011. The reason it will take so long to complete is because I will be adding all the sound in post, so I’m starting from scratch. And seeing as it is a feature film that is a lot of sound to add. Plus I will also have my degree going on at the same time, which I’ve got to write my dissertation for before Christmas too, so I’m going to be very busy.

I’ll try and put some photos up of the feature film soon, but for now here is a short timelapse I did of us preparing for dinner one evening. It was very interesting because we shot and lived in the same house for a week. This is the first timelapse I’ve done, set up to take 1 photo every 10 seconds. It was very fun to do. We also did another one of us setting up in the morning, however that was shot done by our editor, so I don’t have a copy of it.

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