I’ve been doing further testing this month with my Canon 550D + Sigma 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 lens. However, I now also have an LCDVF 3:2, Glidetrack Shooter 0.75m and Manfrotto 701HDV. So I’ve spent quite a lot of money now, hopefully not all for nothing either.

You can see the test I did using all of my kit below and you can also click the link to read about the encoding process/experiments that I did.

The reason I wanted to purchase a camera was for my upcoming dance film. I’ve met up with the woman whom I’ve been in contact with, Allie, and she is very enthusiastic about the project. There will be about 4 or 5 dancers in the film, including Allie, who will choreograph themselves, with perhaps a little direction from me. I’ve also managed to get copyright clearance for the music I wanted to use in the film, which means that I will be able to distribute the film once it is complete.

The aim is to shoot the film near Christmas, however, since I will only be in Cornwall for 2 weeks at Christmas I’m currently wondering whether the film will end up being postponed until summer 2011. Either way, I’ve managed to get things in motion so am confident that this film will get made.

Got a few projects I’ll be working on much sooner though. One of which is a feature film which I will be doing the sound design on. I filmed the auditions on my camera which I found very interesting to do. It really helped me from a directing point as well. Although it seems I’m quite far away from being a director of actors at the moment. Fate seems to be steering me away from dramas, dance films are where I believe I’m headed. I think my best bet for dramas is to wait until I’ve a few dance films under my belt and then maybe have a go.

I’ve also been doing more work experience with MyCornwallTV this past week. I did a week’s work experience out on location with them last year, however, this year I was mostly editing in the office. I edited a number of Wasson?! videos which are daily updates on what’s going on in Cornwall, and are the first videos that come up when you enter the website. I also shot a weeks worth of Wasson?! videos which I believe will air from the 8th to the 14th of September. You will be able to watch the videos here, at mycornwall.tv.

I also did a full day on the live rugby game broadcast which they do, for the Cornish Pirates. It was a home game so was held at Penzance. I ended up cable bashing, which is where I had to run up and down the side of the pitch where one of the camera men is and make sure the the wires running from his camera to the broadcast van don’t get tangled, and are kept out of the way so that the camera man can’t trip over them. It’s a pretty low down job, but it was a great experience being part of a live broadcast, and I feel learnt quite a lot. You can view highlights and will be able to see future broadcasts on their Pirates channel which you can find here.

Here are the latest uploads of the Gang Show, which complete Act 1. Unfortunately due to copyright issues the producer of the show has asked me to make the videos private. But you can access them all with the password, which I have provided.
Password: temp

Act 1 – Part 6: H.S.E?

Act 1 – Part 7: Tramps

I’ve decided to discontinue with my monthly music track simply because I have been and will continue to be very busy. But I’ve not given up completely so will still be posting tracks here when I have them to post!

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