Testing Stages

First of some horrible news, the UK Film Council has been axed. You can read about it properly here, but please also sign the petition, as the UK Film Council is an important part of the UK film industry and I think worth saving. And don’t forget to join the facebook group.

Onto me now! I’ve been playing around with my new camera. I’ve got a Canon 550D and the lens I have is the Sigma 18-200mm. I’m not a photography expert, but I’ve found the lens to be really great and it really does produce some really stunning shots.

I’m aiming to do one test video per week as a way for me to get to grips with the camera as well as trying to get to grips with Final Cut Studio as well. I’ve used Final Cut Pro before as this is what we edit on at university. However, we’ve not used the other applications such as Color or Motion before, so I’ve trying to play around with these as well.

Here’s a few quick non specific test videos I did though.

Machines by Aaron Buckley

I’ve two more mixes like this and am currently working on another one.

I’ve also uploaded parts 4 and 5 of the Gang Show which I worked on.

Click Here To View HD Version

Click Here To View HD Version

You can view all parts that have currently been uploaded here.

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