A New Wave

I’ve recently bought a Canon EOS 550D, which shoots video in full 1080p HD. I’m still waiting for my lens to arrive, but when it does I’m going to start shooting some stuff, and join the new wave of DSLR filmmakers.

In other news, I’ve managed to upload the first three parts of the Gang Show that I shot over Easter. There’s plenty more parts to come as it’s a two and a half hour show, but I can only upload one part per week on Vimeo as the files take up most of my 500MB weekly upload capacity and I can only upload one HD video per week as well.

Here are the first three parts though:

I’ve also written some music which I created on Logic Express. I’ve been working on it and getting feedback from friends but here is my finished version.


I could probably do a lot more to the piece, however, I’m happy with it and see it as finished. I was going for a Run Lola Run feel with it, which I’m happy I achieved when I played it for a group of friends and one of them compared it to Run Lola Run. It might not be the best electronic piece ever, but I’m more of a film music person myself, and in terms of that I feel I’ve succeeded.

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