The End Is Nigh

I’ve finished my 2nd year now at university which means I’ve only got one year left until I have to venture out into the big bad world. Yes, I’m scared, but I’m hoping opportunities will open up for me.

I’ve finished work on Forgotten now, which has been renamed Felix. I did get to do the music in the end as well which was a fun experience for me and as a result I’ve now got a MacBook Pro with Logic Express. So I’ll be getting to grips with that over the summer. I’ve not yet got a copy of Felix, but I’m pleased with how it turned out, and will post it here when I get a hold of one.
I’ve also brushed my hands clean of the Gang Show. Burning the DVDs was a much more length process then I expected it to be as we had a lot of problems exporting the project from Final Cut, and ended up having to put the show on two discs. But thankfully we managed to sort everything in the end and the client was pleased with what we did. Plus I got paid. I’ll try and upload the show for next month.
If you read my last months post then you’ll know I started a little project called Film365. After creating a film a day for all of May I’ve decided that it is too much work to be able to carry it on for the whole year and so have brought the project to a close. However, I’m glad that I did it as I discovered some interesting things and did enjoy doing it. You can view all the videos I did for the project here: Film365 Project – May 2010.
But here are some of my favourites:
As for future projects, we make two films next year at uni. Hopefully one of my ideas will get picked. We pitch to a group of professional writers next year, and I’m hoping to wow them with a non-narrative idea, something I imagine will be quite hard since I’m guessing what they will be looking for is stories.
Other than writing some scripts this summer I don’t really have a lot going on apart from one other project, Dance Experiment II.
I emailed a lady yesterday, that is setting up a dance studio in Cornwall, about the possibility of making a dance film with her and her studio. Well she’s emailed back and seems very interested so I’m hoping this will go ahead. However, I won’t be starting any work on it until near Christmas at the earliest. Otherwise it could be next year before I start on it. But at least it’s in the pipeline.
I’m currently thinking about getting a Canon 550D. If I end up getting one then I’ll hopefully have some more projects to work on through the summer.

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