So Far, So Good

I’ve had a pretty busy month and Feb could be even busier.

I got back to uni Sun 10th Jan where we spent one more week on Distant Donors to finish it off. So here it is:

I’m going to make a mini soundtrack, which I might upload as it was my friend Tom Law who’s music we used (apart from one track).

I’ve also started work on a short music documentary/music video for Jessie Dyer, who has written a song for the charity Everybody Let’s Sing. So far I’ve done two shoots and gone to a meeting at Pitcheroak School, where she will be recording her and the kids singing the chorus. The next shooting date won’t be until March though which is good for me as I’m starting work on a dance film this week, as well as a 2:30 minute narrative film.
The dance film is a short experimental piece that I am hoping to do using this music:

I’ll be filming it most of this month and if the film turns out okay, then I’m going to re-do it and get original music written for it. Had our first meeting the dancers yesterday and they seem very up for it, which is great. Start properly on it next week(end).
As for the 2:30 minute film, I’ve written a couple of scripts, one of which I pitched yesterday. However, it didn’t get picked to be made unfortunately, I should have pitched my other idea. But I am still getting direct, which I’m over the moon about. We only get 2 weeks to make it, but it is a film about a man at a train station that is inside a game of monopoly, which I am co-directing with Jonny Orme. It’s called Waiting Room. I still plan on making my ideas though, and are putting them in the vault for the moment. Perhaps they’ll be something I can work on over the summer.
Did my first bit of directing in more than 6 months today and it felt so good to put those shoes on again. They fit even better now as well. It was for Waiting Room and was kind of an audition, but was great fun. I don’t want to go back to doing sound or any other job that is not directing for the 10 minute film we get to make after this 2:30 minute one. I was born to direct.

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