Sound Man

I started work on a new documentary (Distant Donors) last month which is still in production, so I don’t have any footage to show, this time of nine minutes in length.

I’m again doing sound, however, this time my role is completely different. Whilst on Wired. I did Sound Design which was post-production sound, this time I’m the boom operator, which is production sound, and I know which role I prefer. Being the boom operator is a very important job, however, since I want to be a director I have all this creativity in me that wants to escape, something which holding the microphone doesn’t let you do.
I didn’t mind doing it at first, but I’m starting to get a little bored of it now, as the only work I have to do is when we go out on shoots, and so far we’ve only done five days of shooting out of a whole month. We’ve got some more shoots lined up but not a whole lot.
Since I’ve not had a chance to really be all that creative on this project I’ve been writing more ideas for possible future projects. Something which I find very fun to do, although unfortunately I tend to think beyond the doable, which can be a bit frustrating when you want to make a film and realise that you don’t really have anything that you can film without a budget that is over a grand.
We wrap up on Distant Donors in the middle of January, so I’m not going to be able to be all that creative until after then, which is when we start narrative films. Hopefully for that I will actually get to direct, because I’m not sure I can handle doing production sound again.
On a side note, I’ve started work on another project with a company called Suited & Booted. I’m not the director of it, but I do get to do more than just sound which is good. It’s a long term project, which is a promotional documentary for a hotel that is being refurbished. The project should be finished in October next year, so we’ll be out shooting a few times a month so we can document the process. I’ve already been on one shoot and got to have a proper go on camera, which was really fun, because it meant that I got to be creative again as opposed to just holding a microphone.
Don’t think I’ll be up to much this month, with Christmas coming up and all, but I’ll try and nab some rough cuts of Distant Donors to look at.

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