A Remote Idea

This is the first comedy that I’ve done. I didn’t write the script for this one and just directed. However, the main actor didn’t want to learn his lines and wanted to improvise. It terms of content it worked, however a lot of that content we had to cut from the final edit because it just didn’t fit in terms of continuity. Arms and heads were jumping around and nothing really flowed. As a result we ended up having to cut all the stuff that flowed together, although unfortunately this wasn’t the funniest stuff.

Watching the film back now I don’t really find it funny at all. Whilst I did enjoy making it, I’m not sure I’ll be having another go at a comedy any time soon. I can’t write comedies myself, but if a very funny script landed in my lap then I would definitely do it. Although I would have to be rolling on the floor with laughter, because even at the script stage this film was more of a chuckling quietly to yourself more than a laugh out loud comedy. And those are the types of comedies I hate. If it has been classed as a comedy I want to be laughing out loud throughout the entire film. If not than it’s not worthy of the term comedy.
As a result I wouldn’t class A Remote Idea as a comedy. More of a light hearted film.


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