Monster In The Woods

This is the film I wanted to show before Captive since it was the last one I made before it.

This film was very spontaneous and it came about because I really wanted to make another short film as I hadn’t made one in a while. However, I didn’t have a film to make, so I thought I’d try and familiarise myself with the camera a bit more. I ended up wondering down to the woods to test out some of the camera’s functions.

The only function I really had a go at was the focus and this was the first film I made which had a pull focus in it. However, once I’d played around with the camera’s functions I still really wanted to make a film so I decided I’d have a go.

But since I didn’t have any actors the only way I could really make a film was if I did it Blair Witch style. Combined with a bit of inspiration from The Village I came up with the idea that the woods was filled with monsters. Original I know! However, since I had no actors I thought I’d make them invisible monsters.

The reason the camera runs away is because our character hears one of these monsters. And then at the end he gets attacked and eaten by the monster.

If you’re wondering why the character has a camera then stop, because they don’t. I wanted it to feel as though the camera is the persons eyes. Obviously filming in 4:3 doesn’t make this easy and you just have to use your imagination to make the jump from, why is this person holding a camera, to there is no camera and we are seeing through the characters eyes (think of it like a computer game, e.g. first person shooter).

If anyone manages to get this story from the film then I will be very surprised. The only reason I understand it and still quite like it is because I know the bigger picture (which I haven’t told you).

I still quite like the bigger picture of this film and have thought about developing it into a feature or half hour short. If I did then it wouldn’t be shot in first person, but normal third person. We shall have to wait and see if I actually take this idea beyond this tiny little piece. Although if anything does come from it, then sadly you’ll have to wait a very long time.

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