This is the first film that I’ve made which I co-directed. It was an interesting experience, although if I were to co-direct again I would have to get to know the person first and make sure that we both worked on the same wavelength, because the person I was working with was a bit of an idiot.

He was very arrogant and was making that actors do take after take when they didn’t even need to. The whole reason for doing another take is that you want the actors to do something different, because you need to re-do the camera movement as it wasn’t smooth enough, or because something else went wrong.

However, each of the takes that this guy did was exactly the same so I started to get slightly annoyed with him as he was just waisting time, and the actors were getting annoyed with having to do the same thing again and again when then didn’t even need to.

My directing was much better I felt and I got on much better with the actors which I think is an essential thing when working with actors. Anyway here is the film.

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