Waltz Of The Flowers

The next video I made was simply sparked by my need to film something. My western idea wasn’t making any progress and after I’d gotten a taste for filming I just wanted to film something. It didn’t matter what it was I just needed to film something.

So after watching the New Year’s Day Concert In Vienna, I wanted to have a go at filming some flowers. It would have been nice to have filmed a live orchestra as well but since I didn’t have one of those I just stuck with the flowers.

Anyway I think this is very simple an yet very effective.


I really tried to edit the images to the music with this. You might notice if you look at the camera movements. They speed up and slow down as well as drift in or out and side to side. This is most noticeable where there are the critical changes in the music.

You might have noticed, but I’ll bet that you didn’t, that the music to this is actually about 6 and a half minutes long. However, I managed to chop out a section of the music when it came to editing. I would only notice it very slightly when I used to watch it back though and to be honest now I don’t notice it at all.

I’ve actually managed to get loads of views of this video on YouTube, but I must admit that it is all down to the music I chose. Otherwise it definitely wouldn’t have as many views. One advantage I’ve found to this video having loads more views then my other videos is that I’ve used it to advertise my latest video Captive by means of a video response. This is the reason behind most of the views which I have got for Captive because when I put it up people just weren’t looking for it and therefore no one was watching it. But by putting it as a video response has enabled me to get Captive out there.

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