A Welcome Brave Story

Welcome to my monthly blog where I am going to show my films and talk in depth about how they came to be and what I think of them now.


This was the first solo project which I made and is about a year old now. I have to say that I actually hate this film but it is for that reason that I think my next film improved dramatically and why I try so hard to improve on every film I make. With Brave Story though, there are so many mistakes in it and whilst some people have asked me whether it was a true story, I must say I am shocked when they do because I don’t think the acting is that good. But I guess she did pretty well considering it was all filmed in 4 hours, which includes travelling to the different locations. Also, she didn’t have the script until the day when she actually read it off a piece of paper help above the camera.

Time is a big factor when it comes to making films and I feel that this film was very rushed. Although saying that I don’t think that it could have been much better if I did have more time since it was the first solo film I made and in a way I am kind of glad that it is so crap because if I didn’t make all those mistakes then I wouldn’t have learnt as much as I did.


I actually made this film for one of my media projects. The brief was that it had to be a sports related video, which it obviously is. I got the idea for it from the music that you hear in the opening sequence which is a piece by Hans Zimmer called Preparing that he composed for the film King Arthur. I heard the music and the opening sequence just popped straight into my head. Don’t ask me where it came from, it just appeared. But to be honest, that is how all of my films/ideas come about.

I’m always looking for new music to listen to and every now and then BOOM an idea appears. Then I just listen to that piece of music again and again to develop the idea. Some ideas are doomed and don’t go any where, although luckily I’ve only had one of those, and some ideas are too good that I don’t want to make them in fear that I will ruin them. I won’t always have this fear, but for now it is still there simply because I don’t yet have the skill required or the resources like cast, crew or equipment. My latest film I am very proud of though and think I have made a big step forward with it. But I’m still storing the good ideas for use later on in my career, simply because I like them and want to do them justice.

When I look back at Brave Story though I can definitely see an improvement in my work and I can only spot one mistake in my latest film. Where as with Brave Story I could be here listing them all day. They are just simple things though like the shadow of the camera being in the shot or the images not being in sync with the music. Things that just make the film look… well… shit. Well I’m sure it is not that bad, but I guess the only way you get better is if you are your own worst critic. Plus it is a lot nicer to hear it from yourself then from someone else.

I think also that because I didn’t have a written script for the whole video I used music to film in the gaps and whilst it works great sometime, for my video I don’t think it worked, simply because the music has too much of a variety. Ideally I would have had someone write the music to it and then there could be a theme running throughout the film making everything link together much smoother.

I think the warm up scene is the one that really doesn’t fit because I tried to give it this comedy effect, but the rest of the film is quite sad so it just really doesn’t fit in. I think I was trying to create some comic relief, but unfortunately it just didn’t work.

My favourite scene is probably the race scene because it just flowed really well and was pretty easy to film and edit. Plus it looked pretty good as well which is always rewarding. I also like the shot where she jumps over the camera and when my friend asked me how I did it, I felt quite proud. But of course I didn’t tell him and left him wondering. Although it was actually quite simple and I don’t think there is much to wonder about. But hey I made it, so I’m bound to say that!

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